Matt Kallman for County Commission

Fiscally Conservative, Pro-Life, Tech Savvy Republican

Hello, my name is Matt Kallman. I currently serve as Kent County Commissioner for Byron Center and a portion of the City of Wyoming. I am running again in 2018. I would love to hear from you.
Please email me at or call me on my cell phone at 616-915-5098

"Matt Kallman is our choice for County Commission"

Tom Hooker
Current Township Supervisor
for Byron Center

Nate Vriesman
Past Kent County Commissioner
for Byron Township and Wyoming

Photo of Matt and Jenn Kallman including their children
Matt and Jenn Kallman and family

Fiscally Conservative

Our county has done a good job of keeping its fiscal house in order. We need to ensure vigilance to maintain smart management of taxpayer funds. In general, our County should avoid incurring new debt. But, we should never jeopardize our AAA bond rating by poorly managing our existing liabilities. Politics should never supersede smart policy on the Kent County Board of Commissioners.


The scientific evidence abundantly supports valuing and promoting life from conception to natural death. While not often directly involved in life specific issues, members of the county board should have a perspective grounded in principled thinking about core ethical issues. I am the only candidate in the race endorsed by Right to Life.

Tech Savvy

Our County spends millions each year on technology. These are important investments. As a Product Manager for a software company, I have the experience to give our county valuable insights in technology and software decision making.


I have been active in the political process for nearly 20 years. Throughout that time I have participated in campaigns for local candidates. I have also been involved in many local campaigns and educational work with Right to Life and other organizations.

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